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Ellsworth offers a broad range of job and career opportunities in various sectors, which makes finding and starting a new job, changing careers, or even bringing your job with you viable options.  Higher paying jobs and a lower cost of living make Ellsworth one of the top, affordable places to live in Maine!


Find your dream job

We know how important finding a quality job is in supporting a decision to relocate to Ellsworth, or in providing our residents the opportunity to stay and live in this community.  The City’s and region’s major employers advertise jobs on their websites.  Scroll and click on the icons below to view opportunities with these employers.  Links to job search engines are also provided to enable your search for job and career opportunities currently available in our City.

Live + Work in Maine

Live and Work in Maine is a not-for-profit initiative designed to increase awareness about the great career opportunities that exist in Maine, and promote the world-class quality of life Mainers enjoy. Their mission is to show the world that in Maine, you can have it all when it comes to quality of life AND quality of career.





Major Area Employers


Ellsworth: An Economic oasis

Certified as “Business Friendly”, Ellsworth is small enough to allow businesses to build customer relationships, and large enough to compete in the global marketplace.  Comprehensive assistance is available for businesses at every stage of development and growth, whether just starting up, expanding, or relocating to Ellsworth.  Ellsworth’s economy continues to prove to provide a strong foundation whereby businesses in various industries can succeed year-round. 

Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce is here to encourage, promote and support the growth and development of commerce. They offer a variety of chamber programs and membership benefits for businesses looking to enhance their profile within the region.

Heart of Ellsworth

Ellsworth’s historic downtown is considered the heart of Ellsworth.  Those who bring their business to this section of the City will find additional support from the City’s downtown organization, Heart of Ellsworth.  The benefits they provide downtown businesses can be found in the link below. 

Ellsworth Business Guide

There are a variety of Federal, State and Municipal Governmental resources that can assist you when starting a new or moving an existing business to Ellsworth. The City of Ellsworth has put together a guide to help you navigate through these processes including a checklist, start-up flow chart, business license information and additional resources. 


Nurturing Economic Growth

Ellsworth’s economic development programs are designed to nurture business creation, re-location, and growth.  We also have well-established partnerships with region and statewide economic development organizations and are happy to assist in making necessary connections.

Union River Center For Innovation

The Union River Center for Innovation was founded in 2015 as a partnership between the City of Ellsworth and the Ellsworth Business Development Corporation, aiming to foster growth among fledgling Maine businesses and create a strong economic landscape for Maine’s Downeast area. In addition to having a fast and reliable broadband connection, the Union River Center for Innovation offers entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to grow their companies by providing the resources necessary to get a business up and running. Services at the Center include the business incubator program with coaching and mentoring support, coworking space, private office rentals, and free educational seminars.

Business Incubator

The business incubator program is here to help Maine businesses grow and accomplish their goals.

Public & Private Work Spaces

Short- and long-term work and meeting spaces available to help you get more work done.

Community Lab

Community laboratory space outfitted with the essential tools necessary to perform research and development.

Free Seminars

Free and public seminars to help small businesses understand certain aspects of getting started.

Why Ellsworth?

Doing business in Ellsworth means being presented with substantial, quality services and benefits, including the availability of accessible and affordable land and buildings, utility infrastructure, telecommunications, workforce, business planning and growth resources, and an expansive service area.


High Speed Internet

A significant amount of homes and businesses in Ellsworth are serviced by broadband providers, including Spectrum, Consolidated Communications, Union River Telephone, and GWI. The City owns a state of the art fiber optic network that serves a three-mile section of downtown Ellsworth.  The network is designed to be flexible and expandable, so as the community’s needs change, the network can grow to accommodate them.  To learn more, visit –


Tax Increment Financing

TIF is a flexible financial tool used to leverage new property taxes generated by a specific project within a defined geographic area.  A portion of the new taxes can then be used to finance public or private projects for a defined period of time for up to 30-years.  The City will work with businesses and developers to determine if a project may be suitable for TIF.


Commerce Park

Commerce Park is a pre-permitted commercial business park, with remaining unbuilt lots owned by the Ellsworth Business Development Corporation.  The park is centrally located and convenient to Route 1A, with easy access to Interstate 95.  Commercial businesses within the park have access to three phase power, cable, high-speed internet, and municipal water and sewer.



The support network for businesses in Ellsworth gives business owners the best chance for success. The City of Ellsworth, Ellsworth Business Development Corporation, Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, and Heart of Ellsworth work together to promote the City of Ellsworth as an economically, socially, and culturally vital community that serves the region through providing an exceptional place for business, leisure, and life.